The first app that aims to change the way we copy and paste on our pc. Check how this new system makes everything much faster, easier and useful.


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What is WheelCopy ?

You know when you are working on something, doing tasks, or simpletly using your pc and you need to copy and paste things, but you can't copy two things at a time. Well, that's gone, with WheelCopy you'll be able to copy multiple things at the same time, text, images, videos and files ...

How WheelCopy works ?

In this video you can see a quick resume that show how the app work:


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach a representative?

You can contact us via chat or email at any time you want and we will reach you as soon as we can

How does the process of buying work?

Assuming you tried the 5 days trial and you want to continue using the app, you just have to hop into this website and go the "plans" page, where you'll find our three plans, monthly, quarterly and anual, you'll select the one you want, pay, and talk to us by chat or email giving your info and request code so we can send you your activation code, which will be sent in a 24h term.

How do I pay?

You'll be able to pay both with paypal and with your credit/debit card

How can I open the app?

You will open the wheel by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V, but you'll be able to change this shortcut to whatever keybind you want

Contact Us

For any contribution or bug report send an email to wheelcopycontact@gmail.com

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